Use condoms commercial

use condoms commercial

Best Commercial ever - Zazoo Use Condoms Title: "Little Boy" Ad Agency: Duval Guillaume City: Antwerp. it's french, but it is mean't to be used in both sides of Belgium (Flemish and Wallonian side). That little. Supermarket Condom Commercial . Zazoo Condoms Commercial Supermarket - Use Condoms [BANNED. Many people do not like to use condoms because they can reduce sensation. Never fails to make me laugh. This commercial from Portugal gives us some insight. Quartz Psychologists have found that having kids lowers women's self-esteem for at least three years. Hard to understand in any language. March 28, 0. use condoms commercial Sometimes, they have pretty wild excuses that have no basis in reality. In fact, some condoms can actually heighten sensation. In this commercial, Durex recognizes that people can blow up a condom and tie it off like a balloon. That is a really good ad. A Life Magazine advertisement from Nov 28, - made me think of this sub. In recent years, condom manufacturers have focused on pleasure to get more people to use them.

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funny Condom commercial That is a really good ad. Once again, condoms have benefits for couples of all sexual orientations. Condom Sizes Exposed — Regular, Large or Small. Have Condoms Gone Electronic as the Digital Condom Craze Hits? The French have more sex than any other nationality of people on the planet. A Life Magazine advertisement from Nov 28, - made me think of this sub. Finland has a similar one but the opposite:

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