The trouble with tribbles star trek

the trouble with tribbles star trek

" Star Trek " The Trouble with Tribbles (TV Episode ) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. My favourite scene from trouble with tribbles star trek. skt Loading. Star Trek (Remastered): The Trouble. " The Trouble with Tribbles " is the 44th episode of the American science fiction television series, Star Trek, the 15th episode of the second season. It was first  ‎ Production · ‎ Reception · ‎ Home media release · ‎ Legacy. the trouble with tribbles star trek However, Klingons are there as well for shore leave as a result of a recent treaty the Organian one from a previous episode. Seasons 1 2 3. Baris claims Kirk's orders have turned the project into a disaster and that he will call for a Starfleet board of inquiry against Kirk. Uhuras Tribble hat sich inzwischen vermehrt, sie hat nun viele kleine Tribbles, die sie unter der Besatzung verteilt. In dieser Zeit befinden sich einige Tribbles in einer Bar und die Gäste vergnügen sich mit diesen. Another problem arises when a space trader, Cyrano Jones , gives Uhura a purring ball of fluff known as a tribble. Und das nicht ohne Grund. Lade die Seite erneut , falls du sie soeben erstellt hast, da sich die Aktualisierung der Datenbank verzögern kann. Zusammenhänge Diese Folge kam zum jährigen Star Trek-Jubiläum zu besonderen Ehren. The Animated Series , and offered to do an episode. And allowing for the amount of grain consumed and the volume of the storage compartment. The Time Tunnel - Season 1, Vol. Andorian Bajoran Borg Breen Cardassian Dominion Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Gorn Kazon Klingon language Orion Romulan Species United Federation of Planets Starfleet Academy Vidiians Vulcan nerve pinch salute Xindi. Its trilling seems to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system. The Commemorative Collection in Jones versucht inzwischen die Tribbles zu sterilisieren, doch dies führt zu einer Mutation der Tribbles. It has since been included in several "best of" episode lists and features, including as part of the Best of DVD collection alongside three other episodes.

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Er verkörperte in Folge 1. The sounds the tribbles make seem to have a soothing effect on Humans. Now he tells me. Kirk finally climbs out from the pile of tribbles — a population Spock estimates at 1,, — and Spock discovers that they are gorged on the grain. Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis. These include a reference to "Roddenberries" and features Zapp Brannigan , whom the Futurama staff have said is intended to be a parody of Captain Kirk. Retrieved from " http:

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Galactic quadrant Mirror Universe Planets A—B C—F G—L M—Q R—S T—Z. If you'll excuse me, sir. He was surprised one morning when he was handed a copy of the tribbles script and told to sign it for Robert A. Coon thought it was a cute idea but would be too expensive as they'd have to build each creature. Suche nach ähnlichen Schreibweisen im alphabetischen Index. First, find Cyrano Jones, and second Please reload or try later. Der wissenschaftliche Name und Ursprungsplanet stammen aus dem non- canon Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual , auf dem Schaubild Comparative Xenobiology in Keikos Schulraum auf Deep Space 9 wird allerdings dieselbe Abbildung verwendet. Now he tells me. Auch McCoy nimmt einen Tribble mit auf die Krankenstation um ihn zu untersuchen. Advertise Media Kit Contact.

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Dortmund spiel ergebnis They don't like Klingons. Pick up every tribble on the space station. Koloth also asks that the tribbles be removed from the room. And that's assuming that they got here three days ago. People have disrupted stations before without being Klingon agents. Check in you enable Facebook sharing! The Trouble with Tribbles TV Episode Did You Know? But, this turns out to be a mixed blessing and leads to a creative solution to the plague--thanks to Scotty. Full Cast and Crew. After Darvin's exposure and arrest, Cyrano Jones is ordered to remove the tribbles from the station a task that Spock estimates will take
Sizzling hot kostenlos herunterladen Bob Orrison hatte bereits in Folge 2. Please reload or try later. Beauty and the Beast Theatrical. Fontana from their time spent on the Star Trek convention circuit. Star Trek Season One Credits. Kirk steht wieder im Mittelpunkt der Folge und dieses Mal kann er einem fast leid tun. Kirk Leonard McCoy Janice Rand Montgomery Scott Spock Development Hikaru Sulu Nyota Uhura Number One. Basketball tipps wetten Gesellschaft und Kultur Raumschiffe und Raumstationen Wissenschaft und Technik Weltraum Star Trek Memory Alpha. Besonders deutlich wird hier auch Scottys Stolz auf die Enterprise.

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